Change as a WIN/WIN game

March 4, 2009

Change- It’s what we talk about!

I feel like we are all (cats vs. mice) running into traps and constantly ensnaring our victims.

I don’t know if human beings have the capacity or the fortitude to break the hegemonic ideologies that ensnare us. There seems to be something that stops us as a collective: or group: or village, from the massive destabilizing ideologies that remain stagnant and oppressive to our habitual human actions. A main critique of post-Marxism points this conditional stagnancy as a product of the Ideological State Apparatuses (ISA). I will declare that I am not a POST-MARXIST! I suggest we build new and intelligible institutions run by the un-intelligible people- within certain structural constraints: I DO lament that there may be no other way or there will be shit in a handbag.

The practicing ideologies have at their disposal an array of powers that can remove us from the struggle, and I do not mean just violence, but also our ethic of reality. And in a way this is a good thing. I’m always impressed with the nature of ideology as it shapes the convictions of the human being- i.e. what is moral, right, ethical, what to love, etc. Ideology is not an individual or subjective experience.-It does not stand alone but it is unique, and it is shared among us all as Freud’s Ego/Jungian collective un-consciousness & Marx’s False Consciousness; all within a framework of structural determinants and collectivised discipline of our shadow selves.

However, in a partial way our experiences are subjectively different and: we, you & I- are true-but only partially, and as related only in something like (I guess) our emotions and how we feel towards one another. Practicing ideologies are contexts of all our collective cultures-we are all part of the objectified other and this relates in both our unique performances, and our unique mimicry of cultural archetypes. This is defiantly shown throughout our history; however, that depends on how you negotiate it as well: comprehensively or sloppily.

We are constantly conditioned in a socially elaborate construction; and yes, Althusser was right language via Institutional State Apparatuses (ISA) tend to form our actions significantly. These significant burdens have played a significant role in this construction- However, there are something like 2000 plus languages in the world to differentiate us.

In our micro- mesa-macro social -worlds there is a subsequent discourse which is probably both: 1]easily mutilated by our agency, and 2] stuck in a stagnant formation that represents the weed or foundation of our collective unconsciousness. I’m not getting into notions of reproduction-though I agree that we need to look at the ISA

I think we must pay attention to the ontological referents of Hall specifically the ideas of materialism. Hall writes, ‘ideology has sometimes been obscured by theorists who claim that ideologies are not “ideas” to all but practices, and it is this which guarantees that the theory of ideology is materialist’ (Hall, 1985:100)I find most impressive is that Hall bases his understanding that the principal use of all material social phenomena is directly related to language. I think we must look here as well- but very carefully as well.

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