January 29, 2009

> I don't know should I post this confusing rant? Or is it a sign of my
> impending existential doom in which I become dull towards all existential
> angst?
> So if there are no fast ways, or easy way's, to achieve a quality of
> knowledge, i.e. education, then how is one to acknowledge what they know
> in time?
> Where are your, or a sociologist's, convictions based? From what values or
> reasons do our convictions or choices derive?
> Are we institutionalized and whipped into submission by authoritative
> voices, or do we command our own authority and lay claim to our own
> knowledge, convinced of its social utility?
> Is the idea of social-knowledge i.e. what is learned through textual
> discourse, and derived mainly from education, the only discourse that I
> can learn from? Is what I know determinant on time as our conception?, or
> time as a social product?
> What conceptual variables can I attach to the classics: everything
> posited? or allow them to function as if they suggest the conceptual
> bearings from which to plot a sociological focus. (I think we answered
> this)
> Seriously!, this has been a strange week! I have sent an email full of
> questions.
> Do I immerse myself in my work and forget why I am human, and open to the
> world? These are very serious questions that demand serious answers.
> James

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